The idea behind Helekopter has existed for a long time. How do you create an environment where it is possible to use a person’s or company’s strength to its fullest without losing focus and speed while beginning to grow? – How is it possible to gain all advantages of a larger international corporation in a small business without having to face that long decision making process as well as being able to keep focus on the value of the customers throughout this whole chain of process?

In 2009 the possibility to create such an environment arose. It all starts with the name. Helekopter represent something that does not require a runway to take off. It can lift straight up, quickly change its course, height and speed when in need. The description of the different units involved in the start-up are depicted as a tree, where its’ branches are free to grow with only the sky as their limits. The description of Helekopter as the trunk, which with its roots can provide the resources enforcing the branches to grow, also felt completely right.

In 2010 we also created ”Helekopterhuset” with the idea to bring different companies together in one location; companies with different competence and skills who are able to gain from each other’s networks. Within the house we have now gathered knowledge within every aspect normally found in a larger corporation. Since they are separate companies with their own business idea and development, we in “Helekopterhuset” have access to the latest in every area without the need to hold our own large corporation.

We have the core competence and resources of a large international corporation combined with the small firms’ speed and flexibility.